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Why Taylor Swift Has A Baby Name Cuter than A Kitten

Or how about 'A Boy Named Sue'?  Unusual, cute names build problems for the future, says a leading academic.

Bonnie is cute, apparently.  So is Jace.  And so is Cinderella. Cinderella?  Seriously? Cinderella?
Well, it is according to Mother and Baby magazine.  That’s a bit out there, isn’t it? Or am I being my usual un-cute, bloke-y self again, missing the point entirely..?
I was deliberately looking for ‘cute’ baby names, mainly to ascertain what was considered cute, that’s all.  Not academic research you understand, just idly curious.

So I whacked the search engine with ’Cinderella’ sort of convinced it might throw up a real and genuine Cinderella out there living quietly in the southern states of America as a retired teacher, or maybe a Professor Cinderella in Australia, one of the world’s leading authorities on atom splitting or something really grown up and clever and stuff.
Just so I could post my obvious astonishment.
Nope.  It gave me this.

Which is actually what we expect.

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But have you got an afternoon baby, or a morning one?  When do they like a nap and some food. No, not dad - the baby.  When are they in peak condition and in a less stress-inducing frame of mind for you?
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Church Christening v Baby Naming Ceremony

Why should I even consider a Baby Naming Ceremony?For some people, it’s a no-brainer.  But.

There are others who are committed churchgoers, so are their families and so choice doesn’t even raise its head. And that’s perfect for them. There are hymns and religious texts and promises to the church to God and the wider church community.
But you’re here because you’re not completely sure what to do.  That’s why you’re here. Partly curious, partly confused.
A Baby Naming is a ceremony that can include any element you choose to happen.  It could be readings, poems, live music and yes promises too.  It can include a glass of fizz and a slice of cake.  It really is entirely up to you what happens during a Baby Naming Ceremony.

The church christening is invariably on a Sunday and possibly integrated into an existing church service that was happening at that time anyway.  
Because part of this is welcoming this baby into that wider church.  And that’s when the churchgoers go there. 
And so it’s likel…